OA Collaborative

Leading by example.
Learning from each other.

Our Operating Advisor Collaborative is an extensive network stacked with successful entrepreneurs who have decades of experience building businesses and tackling the challenges new CEOs often encounter. Our portfolio companies engage this hands-on community in leadership, insight, and networking to accelerate their growth.

We’re never done learning. The more we can learn from each other, the better we can be for our partners, and that’s why we created our OA Collaborative. This operational experience is the secret to our success and our partners’ success.
- Andrew Tichenor
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Interested in guiding the nextgeneration of entrepreneurs?

Alan Cohen

Bill Buzzeo

Carl Forsythe 

Chris Weiler

Cliff Robertson

Curtis Schehr

Dave Hunt

David Dart

Dick Hamrick  

Drew Gilman

Ed Kennedy

Greg Odland 

Jason Herzog

Jim Clair

Jim Riley 

Joe Kunkel

John Becker  

Kedar Mate 

Kirk Reid

Krissy Gathright 

Leonard Kurtzman

Luke Leininger

Lynn Cook 

Mark Johnson

Mark Pacala 

Mark Rausch 

Mark Wensell

Matt Aprahamian 

Matt Marek

Meghal Antani

Mike Dan 

Mike Fraizer

Paul Lalljie

Pradheep Sampath

Ralph Derrickson

Rick Nadeau  

Rob Alexander

Ron Morgan

Scott Sanner 

Steve Lefar

Todd Stottlemyer

Todd Walrath 

Tom Woteki

Venkat Achanta