Jim Clair

Jim is a four-time CEO with more than 20 years’ experience leading privately-held, growth-stage, technology-enabled pharmacy software and services companies. He recently joined the board at Redi Health. Jim is the Co-founder and CEO of SevenRx, a start-up improving pharmacy benefit operations for health plans and pharmacy benefit managers using SevenRx’s software products. Jim was CEO at CSSHealth (acquired in 2022Q3), a healthcare technology company that provided medication therapy management, adherence, and compliance packaging services and products to health plans, pharmacy benefit managers and pharmacies. Prior to that, Jim was CEO of Tricast, LLC (acquired in 2018), another tech-enabled company that provided pharmacy auditing services to health plans and PBMs. Prior to Tricast, he was CEO of Goold Health Systems (acquired in 2013Q2), a pharmacy benefits administrator that quadrupled in size during his tenure; he then ran the company as a wholly owned subsidiary of Change Healthcare as well as Change’s Commercial PBM business until mid-2016. In between CEO stints, Jim consulted to a number of organizations, including Haven Health’s PBM workstream, the non-profit healthcare-focused entity created through a joint venture by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase. Jim chaired the Board of RevealRx (a provider of pharmacy claims business intelligence, acquired in 2022Q2); served on the Board of Managers at CSSHealth; and served on the board of advisors at Care & Comfort (a home and behavioral health care company acquired in 2022Q1). Jim owns or co-owns companies, mostly in the State of Maine, under the umbrella, Clair Group of Companies. He received his graduate degree from Syracuse University and an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.