Join our OA Collaborative

Your success is their inspiration.

Our Operating Advisor Collaborative is always open to new members with relevant experience. Here, you won’t sit on the sidelines. This team of like-minded, hungry entrepreneurs and executives actively engages with our portfolio companies to help guide strategy and accelerate growth. The OA Collaborative is an example of how we create value throughout the investment process.

Success is measured by more than financials. It’s the impact on the community. The ability to employ lots of people. And fun is a key metric, too.
- John Becker
OA Collaborative Member

Member Contributions

  • Provide insights into market trends and key business indicators
  • Source attractive investment opportunities from personal networks
  • Contribute business analysis, market intelligence, and insight into merits and risks of an opportunity
  • Identify attractive businesses for potential acquisitions
  • Support the investment life cycle

Member Benefits

  • Establish professional and social connections with a community of like-minded peers
  • Turn a full career of successes, losses, and everything in between into a mentorship opportunity
  • Broaden industry expertise
  • Continue to exercise entrepreneurial spirit and personal passion
  • Access to proprietary investment opportunities