Our Approach

We invest in your what-ifs.

The best results come from the powerful combination of financial capital and human capital. We see potential in people and teams. We engage with them so we can get to know them, and then we build them up to make the biggest impact. Our OA Collaborative of seasoned professionals and successful entrepreneurs gives portfolio management teams access to diverse experiences and insights.

Investment Focus

Nothing excites us like growth and disruption, and that’s why we’re one of the leading early-stage growth equity firms investing in the healthcare and technology industries.
- Gordon Crenshaw

Technology-based and services businesses, with an emphasis on addressing cost containment or supporting aging in place.

  • Reducing costs in the system
  • Improving the patient experience
  • Delivering better patient care
  • Innovating with technology
  • Aging gracefully in the home
Enterprise Technology

Select platforms with a unique and value-added technology offering, deep customer relationships, high switching costs, and a scalable business model.

  • B2B platforms
  • Attractive growth profile
  • Scalable technology
  • Potential healthcare applications

Investment Criteria

Investment Parameters:
  • Transaction Types
    • Growth equity
    • Minority positions
Company Attributes:
  • $3-$20 million in revenue
  • High growth
  • Strong and enduring gross margins
  • Capital efficient
  • Highly scalable model
  • Experienced management team open to active investors