Aware Unveils Context API to Unify CIOs’ Digital Transformation Initiatives for Unlocking Innovation and Top-Line Growth

Aware, the leader in contextual intelligence, today unveiled the industry’s first Context API providing developers with access to the platform’s rich strategic, organizational and risk intelligence to transform the employee and customer experience.

A recent IDC report indicated that 85% of organizations that take actions to improve employee experience and increase employee engagement deliver a better customer experience, higher customer satisfaction, and higher revenues. But legacy systems lack an intelligent data fabric to understand “context at scale”, a necessity for streamlining real-time decisions.  Compounding the problem is the proliferation of hybrid work environments which has resulted in an exponential growth of unstructured data sets that existing systems simply can’t manage.  Today, companies operating without connectivity, context and certainty lack the ability to answer the “why” when facing real-time decisions impacting the employee experience.

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