Kirk Reid

Kirk Reid is the President and CEO of Auctus Performance, a healthcare focused growth consulting firm. Prior to Auctus he was the interim Chief Executive Office for The Bevolution Group. In his career, Kirk compiled over 30 years of significant healthcare experience in sales, business development, marketing, and general management. He served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Chamberlin Edmonds, the national market share leader in hospital eligibility and enrollment services (now a Change Healthcare company); Vice President of Sales for Gentiva Health Services, the nation’s largest provider of home health and specialty pharmaceutical distribution services. During his tenure with Gentiva he also served as Vice President of Acquisitions and was the Senior Executive in charge of Gentiva Business Services. Additionally, he was the Executive Vice President for NES Healthcare Services, a national provider of hospital emergency department management services and was the Executive Vice President for Premier Anesthesia, the country’s largest provider of hospital anesthesia department management. He currently serves on several healthcare company boards including Advantum Health, Healthcare Financial, Inc, and RSource Healthcare. Kirk received his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Missouri State University and did his post graduate master’s work at St. Mary’s of California.