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Blue Heron Capital Fund I

Apogee IT Services

Apogee IT Services (formerly PC Network Services, Inc.) is a leading provider of outsourced managed IT services for firms in the SMB market. The Company offers customers complete management of IT resources on a remote basis, including oversight of network and telecommunications, applications, security, and hardware & software infrastructure. The Company also offers cloud services, such as hosted email, storage, virtual servers, and website hosting.


Acquired by
American Well



Avizia is redefining healthcare with the only end-to-end telehealth platform that combines industry-leading video devices with software solutions to streamline care coordination, provider collaboration, and patient engagement. With solutions found throughout 36 countries and 37 of the top 100 hospital networks in the United States, Avizia is enabling continuity of care by connecting any patient to any provider in any place.Visit avizia.com for more information.

Dura Medic

Dura Medic is a leading hospital-centered, acute care focused, durable medical equipment (“DME”) provider. The Company places inventory into hospitals and distributes that inventory at the point-of-care to satisfy a patient’s DME requirements. The Company’s primary focus is on the outpatient setting, particularly the emergency room. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Dura Medic serves more than 150 hospital facilities across 13 states.


HomeCare.com is a mobile marketplace of more than 60,000 caregivers with technology that matches families in need of in-home support with qualified, credentialed caregivers in their area. The platform is designed to allow Caregivers to register, find work and earn a living taking care of others, while facilitation payments through the app. The Company is targeting the next generation of caregivers who want job flexibility, higher wages and the ability use technology to communicate with families.


PresenceLearning is the leading provider of live online speech therapy services for K-12 students. The company offers school districts web-based access to a growing, nationwide network of hundreds of highly qualified speech language pathologists, counselors, and occupational therapists via live videoconferencing combined with the latest in evidence-based practices and powerful progress reporting.

STARC Systems

STARC Systems manufactures modular wall units to reduce the amount of waste, dust, debris and time dedicated to temporary containment on sensitive or occupied job-sites. The company has designed the industry’s most innovative and robust modular temporary containment system. With a management team with over 100 years of successful construction, engineering and business experience, STARC Systems is quickly becoming the industry’s fastest growing and successful temporary containment solution.


TRICAST, LLC provides auditing, forecasting, and risk analysis for health plans and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (“PBMs”). The Company offers a SaaS product, Reveal, which helps health plans and PBMs identify fraud, waste & abuse and reduce rejected claims. TRICAST also operates a consulting business line providing retrospective audit and forecasting services to health plans and PBMs.


Verisma is a health information technology provider focused on delivering Release of Information (ROI) solutions to organizations across the country. Their next generation cloud-based, certified solutions automate and deliver comprehensive release management and audit capabilities.

They also have the highest percentage of credentialed employees in the ROI industry to manage and protect sensitive data. Their experts have the industry knowledge to manage release workflow from start to finish better than anybody else.

Legacy Portfolio Companies

Certes Networks

Certes Networks is the leader in scalable security solutions for high performance networks. Its innovative policy and key management solution, along with its wire-speed encryption appliances, can secure any network without changing the underlying infrastructure or application performance.

CSA Medical

CSA Medical, manufactures an FDA-approved spray cryotherapy system that selectively freezes and ablates unwanted tissue inside the body, enabling physicians to improve health and quality of life for patients. The truFreeze spray cryotherapy technology uses extremely cold liquid nitrogen to provide targeted, touchless ablation of unwanted tissue. The system can be used in general surgery with or without endoscope.


innRoad is the only SaaS hotel software solution that seamlessly integrates every element of hospitality operations: property management, global distribution, online bookings, yield management, and internet marketing. Designed exclusively for independent hoteliers, small hotel chains and hotel management companies, it is a easy-to-use platform that can increase revenues, cut costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Local Voice

Local Voice is transforming traditional radio stations into local media companies by driving visitors to their digital platform using the power of radio. Local Voice believes that communities will gather around the local media company. The dominant voice in the future of these markets is not the local newspaper, radio station or television station; it will be the local media company, delivering local content across a number of platforms. The company owns properties in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.


WiserTogether helps patients choose the right care at the right time. It offers an innovative, web- and mobile based treatment selection & shared decision support platform that helps patients make evidence-based, cost effective treatment decisions. Patients achieve better health outcomes through more effective treatment decisions, saving payers money.