Investment Criteria

Preferred Industry Segments


Technology-based and services businesses, with an emphasis on addressing cost containment or supporting aging in place.


Tech-Enabled Business Services

Select service providers with a unique and value-added service offering, deep customer relationships, high switching costs and a scalable business platform.

Company Parameters

Transaction Types

Growth equity, recapitalizations, control transactions. We are open to minority or majority positions.

Geographic Preference

Portfolio companies must be headquartered in the United States.

Business Characteristics

  • Differentiated product/service with a unique value proposition
  • Significant revenue growth, preferably with recurring revenue business model and established customer base
  • Defensible market position
  • Large addressable market opportunity
  • Identified growth catalysts
  • Experienced management team that are open to active engagement
  • 20% + annual growth
  • 50% + gross margin

Small-Cap Growth Equity

Investment Size

$3 to $7 million


Company Revenue

$5 - $25 million in revenue