Blue Heron Capital is an operationally focused investment firm based in Richmond, Virginia. We firmly believe people make the difference in building great companies. Therefore, we only invest in companies where we have deep, relevant experience and can play an active role in the oversight of the business. We provide much more than just capital. Our team of dedicated and active LP’s includes c- level executives and successful entrepreneurs with decades of experience building and managing vibrant businesses. Blue Heron unlocks this value and allows our portfolio management teams to draw on our experience, leadership, insight and network to accelerate their growth.

The Blue Heron Difference

We believe an experienced hands-on approach is the best way to build great companies. Therefore, we bring relevant operational talent to assist management and accelerate growth within our portfolio companies. Importantly, our operating executives are investors in our fund demonstrating their commitment to the success of each investment we pursue.

Hands-on Approach

Post-investment, our entire team works to improve internal processes, add talent, secure additional funding sources, increase sales and make introductions to our extended network around the United States. We are focused on building America's next great companies and do this with passion, integrity and a firm commitment to excellence.